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Welcome to the Garys Gardens website! Here you will find information on our products and services available, as well as see some examples of projects we have done in the gallery section. To start your new outdoor living environment today fill in the contact us details and we will get right back to you


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Our services


Gary's Gardens offers a wide array of services tailored to any of your gardening requirements. We have comprehensive knowledge on all garden related work and our experienced team of staff are able to see to all your exclusive needs. Take a look below at some of the services we offer, or alternatively you could contact us should you have any other queries.

Garden Maintenance

We offer complete garden maintenance solutions for your commercial or residential space. Our professional teams call once per week and attend to grass cutting and edging, trimming of shrubs and hedges, cleaning of flower beds as well as other garden related activities. Contact us for a breakdown of the maintenance plan and what is included.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

We offer swimming pool maintenance solutions for your commercial or residential swimming pool. Our water experts will call once per week and attend to all the swimming pool maintenance tasks such as water testing & balancing, cleaning of baskets and swimming pool walls. Vacuuming & skimming of pool surface. An evaluation of working equipment will also be done. Contact us for a breakdown of the maintenance plan and what is inluded.


We offer complete new garden designs or revamps. Our experienced team will help tranform your garden environment through hardscapes and planting to suit your space and requirements. Schedule an appointment today to have Gary come out and dicsuss your dream garden. We are able to work according to your budget & make your dream garden a reality. It all starts with an idea.


Due to the unpredictability of weather and rain over the last few years, the use of an irrigation system has become vital to any thriving garden in Johannesburg. Let us save you time, money and most importantly water, by installing an automatic irrigation system. Contact us today for a quotation on a system tailored for you.

Swimming Pool Renovations

If your swimming pool is old, you could be struggling with a rough surface, leaks or even just major algae issues. This is from the age of the swimming pool surface and perhaps it's time for a new surface. We are able to completely revamp your pool with new mosaics, copings and surface to have it like brand new again and good for many years to come. Call us today for a free evaluation and quotation.

Pool & Garden Products

We are able to supply pool and garden products to all our maintenance clients. For example if a piece of equipment for the swimming pool fails, we are able to supply and install such item. We are also able to supply items such as compost and lawn dressing, irrigation equipment, pool chemicals and equipment. Let us know what you are looking for and we will confirm wether we are able to supply such items.


Latest projects


Take a look at some of the recent work we have done down below.

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