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Welcome to the Garys Gardens website! Here you will find information on our products and services available, as well as see some examples of projects we have done in the gallery section. To start your new outdoor living environment today fill in the contact us details and we will get right back to you.

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About Us

Gary Meyer – owner and manager of Gary’s Gardens has been operating in the garden maintenance and landscaping industry since 1990. I have an established and experienced workforce with professional gardening skills, fully qualified and with more than 20 years experience in garden landscaping. I am able to revamp or design and create from scratch a beautiful garden environment to accompany your home, office or complex. I have revamped and landscaped a large number of office blocks, shopping centers and private home gardens over the years and offer a maintenance program to keep them in great shape after being landscaped. All landscaping and maintenance work is done under supervision and a high standard of workmanship is maintained. I have experienced work teams able to carry out any garden and swimming pool related tasks. We cater for a variety of different styles of landscaping from formal design to informal – indigenous to tropical. I have attended numerous seminars, training schools, expos, business schools and workshops in relation to garden design and landscaping, swimming pool maintenance, water chemistry, repairs and renovations.

We also build new pools, water features and fishponds, patios and walls. We have an experienced building team who cater for outdoor living environments from patios and entertainment areas to children’s play areas and flower boxes

Winter Specials !!!

Winter is a great time for renovation.

We have an amazing special on swimming pool renovations, irrigation installations; as well as hard works landscaping and proffessional teams providing superior service.

Call or mail us for a garden checkup and quotation.

Here is a list of things we can do for you


We install small, medium or large sized automatic irrigation systems.

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By installing an automatic irrigation system tailored to your needs, you will be saving time, money and most importantly water.

At Gary’s Gardens we install some of the latest technologies in automatic irrigation systems. When you water by hand 30-50 per cent of the water is wasted in runoff and evaporation.

When using an irrigation system you can accurately water specific stations for the correct durations, ensuring not to over water or under water any zones. The ability to water at night in the summer months also aids in preventing water loss due to evaporation. 

With all the pros to an irrigation system, why not get a free quote?


Our supervised and experienced work crews can keep your gardens and outdoor living areas in peak condition all year round.

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With garden maintenance being one of the areas we specialize in, you are in more than just good hands with our highly skilled team of gardeners.Keep your outdoor living space in peak condition all year round. 
Each garden service is tailored to meet your specific needs. Some of our teams have even been dedicated to certain sites from a part time weekly arrangement to a full time basis in order to meet the client’s ever increasing requirements and referrals


An experienced garden landscaping team can make you a beautiful garden from scratch or renovate and refurbish your existing garden

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One of our most satisfactory fields of expertise has to be landscaping.  We specialize in either new or complete redesigns of all types of garden landscaping from hardscapes to indigenous landscapes. Our design experts will advise on the best ways to achieve your dream garden.  Along with our landscapes we are able to provide a maintenance program thereafter to maintain your revived garden for years to come, keeping it in peak condition. Take a look at some of our work done in the gallery section, if you like what you see then why not give us a call. We would love to meet, greet and start planning your new garden today.


Simple solutions to complex maintenance problems. Well trained teams of skilled gardeners to take care of all maintenance and gardening lawn care of your townhouse gardens.

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We manage and implement teams with specific maintenance programs designed just for your complex and it’s particular requirements. It is a “custom made for you” service ensuring a well maintained , neat and tidy garden at all times of the year. We do all garden related tasks such as maintenance, irrigation systems, landscaping and planting, lawn care, tree felling, pools and ponds.

Swimming pools

We offer pool maintenance and also repairs and renovations for swimming pools fishponds and water features.

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Here at Gary’s Gardens we have a highly experienced team dedicated to servicing any swimming pool needs. Our experts have extensive knowledge in water chemistry as well as stay up to date using the latest technologies within the industry.

Our pool services include:

• Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance
• Repairs to leaking plumbing and equipment
• Replacement or new installation of equipment i.e pumps, filters, lights, distribution boards, pool cleaners,
• New swimming pools
• Minor & Major renovations
• Solar heating

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a regular maintenance services?

General garden maintenance

  • Weeding and digging over the flower beds
  • Blowing or sweeping paving and roads
  • Garden refuse removed

Trimming and cutting

  • Hedges and shrubs
  • Dead foliage
  • Pruning roses
  • Keeping electric fence clear of foliage

Maintaining lawns

  • Mowing the lawns
  • Trimming of lawn edges

Not included in regular maintenance services.

Compost, lawn dressing, lawn weeding, fertilizers, palm leaves removal, tree felling or heavy pruning, plant removal, landscaping, planting, irrigation repairs, watering of gardens, cleaning of gutters, pesticides, herbicides and weed killers will be quoted and charged for separately.



  1. Agrees to execute the commitments contained within the Quotation, which has been accepted by the Client.
  2. Shall reserve the right to withhold maintenance after 7 days written notice to do so, in the event of payment from the Client being outstanding. Should payment be made and service resumed, a clean-up charge might be necessary if the garden has overgrown.
  3. Shall not be held responsible for plants dying.
  4. Shall not call for the service that week if the service day falls on a public holiday in that week. The client is still liable for the service fee for that day.
  5. Shall not call for the service that week if it is raining on the day of the service. We cannot do the service on another non raining day that same week as all service days are fully booked. The client is still liable for the service fee for that day.
  6. Shall not be held responsible for any damage done to property.
  7. Shall not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or death to any persons in or around the Property at any time.
  8. The service agreement will be valid for a period of one year. A notice period of 31 days will be given for the termination of the agreement.


Agrees to pay, without any deductions, for the maintenance of the garden and or swimming
pool at the Property monthly, in advance.

  1. Agrees to pay for any additional services / products supplied on presentation of an invoice from the Supplier.
  2. The service agreement will be valid for a period of one year. A notice period of 31 days will be given for the termination of the agreement
  3. Agrees to provide access to the garden and or swimming pool of the Property as arranged with the Supplier.


Mobile: 076 552 5613

E-mail: gary@garysgardens.co.za